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my students
2006 / 11 / 23 ( Thu )
last tuesday it was my student's bday.
mostly im teaching for junior high kids at cram school n kinda busy but i really like it.

they are 14 or 15 years old n for me they are so sensitive n complicated....some boys are so childish like elementary school kids n some girls are very mature.

most boys are really shy and very quiet.(as long as my class) they don wana speak clearly n never see my face...man, thats difficult to deal w them.it takes long time to response my question....i mean i try to be patient but its like ...not interactive.

but some are speak loudly n never stop chattin. especially in such generation, i guess its really fun to have inside talks.

one of my student, she is really talkative and fun, had a bday and told me about that she gotta neckless from her bf. she alreday have pair-ring n showed me her bf's picture. one day she got kissmark n talked about sex. i was very surprised about it coz its kinda early to make love in her age but i guess it depends on the situation n we sometimes should accept it. anyway im glad to hear that he is very nice to her n take care of her a lot.she looks very happy to talk about her bf n that makes me happy too.

but actually her grade is not really good....like really really bad so her parents try to keep her away from her bf. so she cant see him after school n cry a lot coz she miss him so much. actually she doesnt like studing n really involve in him. like he is everything for her.
so i encouraged her to study harder for the exam.if she get a good score next test, i guess her parents allow her to see him. she also has a dream to be a nursing school teacher so has to get in a high school. hope everything is goin well.
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