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2006 / 07 / 24 ( Mon )
today i went to starbucks w Cindy (cz she is working at there) and her friends Hideco and Yuyu was gonna pick me up. we went to eat beef noodles and mango-pin. and then we were taking bus to go Ronshan temples. we gotta OKOU and go around 8 place to pray. there are many section ...for instance, study, carrior, marriage, children, safty...or something.

Hideco is so cute. she is the flight attendant in EVA airline. i think some taiwanese are pretty,,,,i think they should care about their make-up or clothes,,,hair style,,,should be more cute.

there are some japanese tourist there but i guess every japanese travelers in taiwan are kinda old.... anyway we went to another temples and i gotta Omamori and some women pray and get rid of my bad spirit.

in the basement of the station, there are many fotune tellers....they said they can speak japanese and very popular w japanese cuz they were in japanese TV programs. it was like $500NT so means 2000yen but im not like such a person so i didnt do that though,

then we went to foot massage place...it costs $500NT but the other friends don wana do that cuz they think its so expensive. so i did by my self and...... felt sooooooo goooooood.
sometimes i felt sore but it still good.
i was told that i should be carefull for my" SHOCHO and I "....

anyway i went to Angies house (the other exchange students at SMU) in the evening . its like a 30min from Cindys home by using MRT.

she picked me up by bike and then we went to night market.
riding moter cycle is legal in Taiwan so there are many people riding it...sometimes i saw 3 or 4 people riding 1 bike....or 2 dogs,,,, so funny.

at that night I and angie slept together. we were so tired.
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