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2006 / 07 / 28 ( Fri )
we went to another night market...chinese street. the news said the Taihoon? was coming so it was gonna be raining terribly. but acutally it was ok. my friend said Taichung is the safest place cuz there are many mountain near here.
anyway we went to his grand parents apartment. they are alreday passed away so we can stay there. the night view from that apartment was so great.

we went to get a tea. the owner was so nice to us. his wife can speak English. she said she had been to study in Tokyo for a year, and then we went to Panya san and temple.
but it was rainy so we went to go shopping center, called tiger city.
we caught a movie Over the hedge. thats was good..
and i was going to see Jenny, chiying. her dad can speak a little bit japanese cuz he went to japan for 3 month to study.her dad is a doctor and her mom is teaching bible at church.
we went to Karaoke,,,,like we had to sing in public. there are many people can sing japanese songs ...actually they are really good. so old songs though,
we were really enjoying singing.,,dancing...chatting. so fun. we were singing til 12.

we got up at 7;30 to go to National sience museum. there are a lot of cool stuff.
we could see dinasor ( i don know how to spell it correctly) and the origin of human beings and end of our lives.... so cool & kinda scary.
then went shopping....oh man, i gotta lots of stuff....
and her dad treat me taiwanese buffe.... there are thousands of foods.

jenny and her mom took me to Rukang, its a historical place.
and we took three wheel car, like Jinrikisha-bike.
we went to see many place like temples and old houses.
there are very narrow street...maybe 60cm?
it is called "breast touching alley" cuz it is easy to crush the other people.
and then we went see big Budda.
we took train to Taipei....it costs like $375 and takes 2hours.

i went to see Cindy again and went to Shi-man-tien, its a like Harajuku in Japan.
there are many Japanese-wanna be girls.
its hard to find authentic Taiwanese stuff......there are many japanese foods, cosmetics, clothes, magazines,,,,books, games, something like that.

i think they are also Americanized ... like there house doesnt have space that we take off our shoes. and their bath room are not sparated like american style.

im going back to japan tomorrow morning,,,,,
i feel kinda weird cuzt i felt that taiwan is like old japan....like 10 or 20 years ago.
so old...dirty,, noisy, smell bad....people are kinda sorta rude.... no roles. they just do what they wanto to do. there are many werid insects....i really hate GOKIBURI and flys...
the bathroom and restaurant are not clean....
i didnt feel comfie ..... i thought how great my life in japan...

but i also think that i will miss all my friends.
i mean... im really happy to see them here again.
i met very nice people.... they took me to many place and someone gave me gifts and treat me like their family. i really love them.
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