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ciero azul
2006 / 10 / 03 ( Tue )

i cant imagine that its already Oct... so early.
im goin to school excepy monday and teaching at cram school at night.

im enjoyin spanish and english classes but i think i have to study for Toeic and some FP stuff.

oh ya, i also enjoy hangin out w my friend and having a conversation. i went clubing or party and got to know many new people there.

last week, i was hanging out w my friend from NY and talking about how japanese culture is unique and sometimes strange.
like OMIAI, one marriage system which the parents decide who their children are goin to marry with. he really couldnt understand that system and felt that unfair and ridicurous. he said japanese women are really restructed by many stuff, like their parents, relatives, neighbors... i said its kinda old traditional things but he mention that its still remains. its kinda discrimination and sometimes women doesnt have much choice. they cant decide by therselves.

and he also mentioned about that some japanese girls are pretend to be a prude. thats really stupid. i think one of the reason is some japanese guys think girls should be pure, clean , and immature. sometimes i think they should be but sometimes i just feel weird and disgusting. its really fake and kinda scary.
i sometimes really have to consider about when and how can i hold his hands, kiss, touch and make love... so someimes i feel lazy so i don wana do anything cuz i just feel annoying and tired of thinking about it.

and we were talkin about the movie called Brohers, its like a sex and the city but its 4 black guys story. one of the guy was gonna divorse w his wife cuz she doesnt wanna give head to him. i was so surprised cuz with such a reason, they could separate and divorse. i mean i guess some of girls doesnt like doing blowjob. if he want to do it, i might do that for him but thats really not exciting event for me. its litteraly "job" for me. i know the sex is the most important issue btw the couples but its kinda very different aspects of "how the couple should be"

oh my god...its so tough to think about it.
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